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19th September 2017

Book List

Lords of Finance : 1929, The Great Depression and the Bankers who Broke the World
Doing it Our Way : A Sony Memoir
A History of Royal Dutch Shell
The Birth of Plenty : How the Prosperity of the Modern World was Created
Medicine, Science & Merck
Bubbles and How to Survive Them
Tomorrow's Gold: Asia's Age of Discovery
More Ups Than Downs
Sir Gregor MacGregor and the Land that Never Was
The Secondary Banking Crisis
Infectious Greed : How Deceit and Risk Corrupted the Financial Markets
The Great Swindle: The Story of the South Sea Bubble
Easy Money
A Very English Deceipt: The Secret History of the South Sea Bubble and the First Great Financial Scandal
Toshiba: Defining A New Tomorrow
DuPont: From the Banks of the Brandywine to Miracles of Science
Engines That Move Markets : Technology Investing from Railroads to the Internet and Beyond
Markets, Mobs and Mahem : A Modern Look at the Madness of Crowds
Progressive Spirit : The 120-Year History of Oki Electric
The Great Swindle : The Story of the South Sea Bubble
When Genius Failed: The Rise and Fall of Long-Term Capital Management
Chronicles and Characters of the Stock Exchange
Dedicated to Success: Fifty Years of Dishcloths and Dusters
Coffee House to Cyber Market : 200 Years of the London Stock Exchange
Chronicles and Characters of the Stock Exchange
Rainbow's End: The Crash of 1929
Empire : A Tale of Obsession Betrayal, and the Battle for an American Icon
Fooled by Randomness : The Hidden Role of Chance in the Markets and in Life
In the Market : The Illustrated History of the Financial Markets
Sita: 80 Years of History, A Private Company Dedicated to Public Services
The Coming Internet Depression
Heroes.com: The Names and Faces Behind the Dot Com Era
Building the Northern Rock
Building the Name - Neville: The Story of a Family Business 1875-2000
The First Food Empire: A History of J.Lyons and Co
Confessions of a Venture Capitalist: Inside the High-Stakes World of Start-up Financing
Devil Take the Hindmost: A History of Financial Speculation
Thunder from the East: Portrait of a Rising Asia
The Power of Gold: The History of an Obsession
The Mystery of Capital : Why Capitalism Triumphs in the West and Fails Everywhere Else
Irrational Exuberance
Rollercoaster : The Incredible Story of the Emerging Markets
Mauve - How One Man Invented a Colour that Changed the World
The Magic of a Name : The Rolls Royce Story
Robert Fleming : 1845 - 1933
Great Bubbles
Goldman Sachs: The Culture of Success
Vertical Take-Off: The Inside Story of British Aerospace's Comeback from Crisis to World Class
The City of London: Vol III, Illusions of Gold 1914-1945
Devil Take the Hindmost: A History of Financial Speculation
The Turquoise Conspiracy: Asil Nadir, the Collapse of Polly Peck and the Persecution of a Family
The Asian Financial Crisis: Causes, Contagion and Consequences
The New New Thing : How Some Man You've Never Heard Of Just Changed Your Life
The Years of Living Dangerously: Asia - From Financial Crisis to the New Millenium
The Internet Bubble: Inside the Overvalued World of High-Tech Stocks -- and What You Need to Know to Avoid the Coming Shakeout
The Great Game : A History of Wall Street
The Legend of Pfizer
The London Rich : The Creation of a Great City from 1666 to the Present
From Empire to Europe : The Decline and Revival of British Industry Since the Second World War
Tulipomania : The Story of the World's Most Coveted Flower and the Extraordinary Passions it Aroused
Abbott Laboratories in the UK
Private Equity ; Examining the New Conglomerates of European Business
Phillips and Drew: Professionals in the City
Richard Branson: Losing My Virginity, the Autobiography
Weinstock: The Life & Times of Britain's Premier Industrialist
The Kikkoman Chronicles : A Global Company with a Japanese Soul
From Diamond Sculls to Golden Handcuffs: A History of Rowe and Pitman
Thailand's Boom and Bust
The Bear Book: Survive and Profit in Ferocious Markets
Bre-X: The Inside Story of the World's Biggest Mining Scam
Zurich 125 Years: Inspired by Tomorrow
Markets not Stakes: The Triumph of Capitalism and the Stakeholder Fallacy
Asia Meltdown: The End of the Miracle?
Asia Falling? Making Sense of the Asian Currency Crisis and its Aftermath
Burn Rate: How I Survived the Gold Rush Years on the Internet
Arnold Weinstock and the Making of GEC
A Century in Oil: The Shell Transport and Trading Company 1897-1997
Rich Desserts and Captain's Thin: A Family and Their Times 1831-1931
From Promise to Performance: A Journey of Transformation at SmithKline Beecham
LIFFE: A Market and Its Makers
Ashanti Gold : The Africa Legacy of the World's Most Precious Metal
The Art of Speculation
Reqiuem for a Family Business
Li Ka-shing: Hong Kong's elusive billionaire
Rogue Trader
Buffett: The Making of an American Capitalist
The Great Alliance: A History of O.I.L. Limited 1971-1995
Roche 1896-1996
The Collapse of Barings
Midas Investing
Against the Gods : The Remarkable Story of Risk
25 Years of Innovation : The Story of Pfizer Central Research
History of Pedlars in Europe
True and Fair: A History of Price Waterhouse
Rewarding Success: The First Hundred Years of Jebson & Company: 1895-1995
Through Fortress and Rock: The Story of Gencor 1895-1995
Portrait in Oil: An Illustrated History of BP
3I: Fifty Years Investing in Industry
Lords of the Rim
Adventures of a Chemist Collector
Henry Wellcome
Virgin King: Inside Richard Branson's Business Empire
The Brothers: The Saga of the Richest Family in Japan
Modern by Tradition: The History of the chemical-pharmaceutical factory E. Merck Darmstadt
Ultimate Risk: The Inside Story of Lloyd's Catastrophe
Hanson: A Biography
An Invaluable Treasure: A History of the TSB
Sadia's 50th Anniversary: Writing Its Own History
The Baltic Exchange: Baltik Coffee House to Baltic Exchange
The Billion Dollar Molecule : One Company's Quest for the Perfect Drug
The Warburgs: A Family Saga
Towers of Debt: The Rise and Fall of the Reichmanns the Olympia and York Story
The Pursuit of Reason: The Economist 1843-1993
The South Sea Bubble
Tiny Rowland : A Rebel Tycoon
The Cedar Story: The Night The City Was Saved
Game Over: How Nintendo Zapped an American Industry Captured Your Dollars and Enslaved Your Children
Steve Jobs & The NeXT Big Thing
The World of Gold : The Inside Story of Who Mines, Who markets, Who Buys Gold
From Riker to 3M Pharmaceuticals
Southern Electric: A History
Inside Out : The Dennis Levine Story
A Burst of Crackers: The Li & Fung Story
Nightmare on Lime Street: Whatever happened to Lloyd's of London?
Ratherbone Brothers: From Merchants to Banker 1742-1992
Money of the Mind: Baorrowing and Lending in America from the Civil War to Michael Milken
Beyond the Last Blue Mountain : A Life of J.R.D. Tata
The Junk Bond Revolution : Michael Milken, Wall Street and the Roaring Eighties
The Billion Dollar Battle; Merck v Glaxo
The Hunting History
The Sultan of Berkeley Square: Asil Nadir and the Thatcher Years
Values & Vision: A Merck Century
Cazenove & Co: A History
Billionaire : The Life and Times of Sir James Goldsmith
Hang Seng the Evergrowing Bank
A Clear and Simple Vision
Long Lease!
Banking Crises: Cases and Issues
Counter Revolution: The Tesco Story
The Honourable Company : A History of the East India Company
The Pride of Lucifer: The Unauthorised Biography of a Merchant Bank
Great Enterprise: A history of Harrisons and Crosfield
Quick Tidings of Hong Kong
The House of Nomura
The Story of Typhoo and the Birmingham Tea Industry
Shaking the Iron Universe: British Industry in the 1980s
The Rise and Fall of Alan Bond
Burning Down the House
Striking the Balance : Sal. Oppenheim Jr & Cie, A Family and a Bank
The Panasonic Way: From a CEO's Desk
Morgan Grenfell 1838-1988 - the Biography of a Merchant Bank
Nightmare : The Ernest Saunders Story
West of Eden: The End of Innocence at Apple Computer
The Mandarin Hong Kong
A Chemistry for Success: The Growth of MTM
Branching Out: The Story of Philip Bollom and The Johnson Group
Inside Job: The Looting of America's Savings and Loans
The New Tycoons: Becoming Seriously Rich at 40
Hong Kong Money : How Chinese Families and Fortunes are Changing Canada
Rothschild: A Story of Wealth and Power
Beyond Lion Rock : The Story of Cathay Pacific Airlines
The History of Blue Circle
Richard Branson: The Inside Story
The Tom Cowie Story
Merrydown: Forty Vintage Years 1946-1986
Subterranean Commonwealth: 25 Years Gasunie and Natural Gas
The Sixth Great Power : Barings 1762-1929
The Predators' Ball: The Junk Bond Raiders and the Man Who Staked Them
Steve Jobs : The Journey is the Reward
Boom and Bust : The Rise and Fall of the World's Financial Markets
Light in the East: The First Decade of the Eastern Electricity Board
Gold Fields : A Centenary Portrait
My Life with Tiny: A Biography of Tiny Rowland
Tycoon: The Life of James Goldsmith
Odyssey : Pepsi to Apple
1837: Tales of Pioneer Traders in the East
A History of GKN (Two Volume Set)
Is Guinness Good For You: The Bid for Distillers - The Inside Story
The Money Moguls: The Inside Story of Investment Management
Take Overs
Bread Men : How the Westons Built an International Empire
The Blue Flame : 125 Years of Towngas in Hong Kong
The History of the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation
Forte : The Autobiography of Charles Forte
Eyes Right : The Story of Dollond and Aitchison 1750-1985
The Milky Way: The History of Dairy Farm.
Whereon the Wild Thyme Blows : Some Memoirs of Service with Hongkong Bank
Greed and Glory on Wall Street: The Fall of the House of Lehman
Two Centuries of Overseas Trading: The Origins and Growth of the Inchcape Group
Wharf: The First Hundred Years
The 50-Year History of Mitutoyo
A Man of Influence: Sir Siegmund Warburg 1902-1982
Beyond the Ivied Mountain: The Origin and Growth of a Japanese Securities House 1872-1985
Uneasy City: An Insider's View of the City of London
Rohn & Haas : History of a Chemical Company
Randfontein Estates : The First Hundred Years
Gold on the Green : Fifty Glaxo Years at Greenford
Metal Men: Marc Rich and the 10 Billion Dollar Scam
A Golden Adventure : The First 50 Years of Ultramar
The House of Man
Marks and Spencer: Anatomy of Britain's most efficiently managed company
Great Financial Disasters
Tycoons: Where They Came From and How They Made It
The Sinclair Story
The New World of Gold
Selfridges : 75 years the Story of the Store 1909-1984
Gentlemen of Fortune: The World's Merchant and Investment Bankers
A History of May & Baker 1834-1984
The Two Tycoons: A Personal Memoir of Charles Clore and Jack Cotton
Dalgety : The Romance of a Business
Ethyl : A History of the Corporation and the People Who Made It.
Miles 1884 - 1984
Schweppes: The First 200 Years
Syd's Pirates: A Story of an Airline
To have and to hold : An account of Frederick Bandet's Life in Business
SCMP: The First 80 Years
Tree of Life: The Story of Cape Fruit
The London Metal Exchange: A Commodity Market
The Making of a Sugar Giant : Tate & Lyle 1859 -1989
Phillips : The First 66 Years
The Alsford Tradition: A Century of Quality Timber 1882-1982
The Great Silver Bubble
Silver Bulls
The Swedish Sugar Company, Cardo, 1907-1982: Swedish Sugar in an International Perspective
Borax Pioneer : Frances Marion Smith
The New World of Gold
People & Property
The History of the British Petroleum Company
The Thistle & the Jade : A Celebration of 150 Years of Jardine, Matheson & Co.
Thats the Way the Money Goes : The Financial Institutions and Your Savings
The Mond Legacy : A Family Saga
Eyes of Tomorrow: The Evolution of Procter & Gamble
The Sarmcol Story
The Taipans: Hong Kong Merchant Princes
The Silver Salver: The Story of the Guinness Family
Gleeson, Adrienne
The Money Lenders : Bankers in a Dangerous World
Henry Wellcome: The Man, His Collection and His Legacy
Ships on the Shore
The Fine Old House
Wings Across the World: An Illustrated History of British Airways
Great Commercial Disasters
The Fine Old House
A Growing Concern
Initiative in Energy: The Story of Dresser Industries
A House in the City
The Hongkong Land Company
The Charterhouse Group: 1925-1979 A History
The Hambros 1779-1979
The Day the Bubble Burst
The Day the Bubble Burst
Turnaround: The Fall and Rise of the Newton Chambers Group, Managerial Recipes for Strategic Success
Merchants of Grain
Vickers: Against the Odds 1956-1977
Sugar and All That... A history of Tate and Lyle
Pile it High Sell it Cheap: The Authorised biography of Sir John Cohen founder of TESCO
Stockbrokers for 150 Years: A History of Sheppards and Chase 1827-1877
The East Asiatic Company
I.N.I.T.I.A.L. 1928-1978 : The Story of the Initial Group
A Financial Phenomenon: An Investigation of the Rise and Fall of The Slater Walker Empire
A Mountain of Light : The Story of the Hong Kong Electric Company
Jim Slater: Return to Go, My Autobiography
The Mallinson Story 1877-1977
The Story of Monsanto Faith, Hope and $5,000: The Trials and Triumphs of the First 75 Years
A Financial Phenomenon: An Investigation of the Rise and Fall of The Slater Walker Empire
Rentokil : Fifty Years of Service 1927-1977
Yes We Have Some: The Story of the Fyffes
Bankers in West Africa: The Story of the Bank of British West Africa
Sign of the 76: The Fabulous Life and Times of the Union Oil Company of California
Aspro -- How a Family Business Grew Up
Coming Clean
The London Metal Exchange: A Commodity Market
Lonrho : Portrait of a Multinational
A History of James Capel & Co.
Take Your Jacket Off: The Chronicle of a Merchant House as seen Against 75 Years of World History
All in a Century: The First 100 Years of Eli Lilly and Company
Landlords to London: The Story of a Capital and its Growth
From Pills to Penicillin: The Beecham Story
The Story of BHP: What's Good for Australia...
Two Centuries of Lewis and Peat 1775-1975
Calling to Mind : An Account of the First Hundred Years of Steel Brothers
From Pills to Penicillin: The Beecham Story
The History of British Steel
The Warburgs
Wallace Brothers
The Creative Ordeal ; The Story of Raytheon
Brownlee 125
The Rothschilds : A Family of Fortune
Jesse Boot of Boots The Chemists
A Hundred Years of Alkali in Cheshire
The Go-Go Years
Far Eastern Trade: 1860-1914
Bobst : The Autobiography of a Pharmaceutical Pioneer
Borthwicks : A Century in the Meat Trade 1863-1963
The Food Makers
Challenging Years: My Life in Chemistry
Barclays Bank Limited 1926-1969: Some Recollections
The Fortunemakers
Rees's Manufacturing Industry (1819-20)
The Winning Counter: Hugh Fraser & Harrods
Do You sincerely Want to be Rich ? Bernard Cornfeld and IOS: An International Swindle
The Traders : The Story of Britain's SE Asia Commercial Adventure
The East India Company
Stora Kopparberg : A Chronicle from the Beginning to the Present Day
Imperial Chemical Industries : A History (Two Volumes)
Alan Sugar : The Amstrad Story
Rothschild Relish
The Curbstone Brokers: The Origins of the American Stock Exchange
Portrait of a Family Firm: Bahr, Behrend and Co. 1793-1945
The Jews in Business
The Matsushita Phenomenon
The First 50 Years
East of Suez: A Study of Britain's Greatest Trading Power
Ceylon in our Times 1894-1969
JS 100: The Story of Sainsbury
St Michael : A History of Marks and Spencer
Brooke Bond: A Hundred Years
John Law
The History of English China Clays : Fifty Years of Pioneering and Growth
New Breed on Wall Street : The Young Men Who Make the Money GO
The World of Gold
The Dow Story : The History of the Dow Chemical Company
Western Enterprise in Late Ch'ing China: A Selective Survey of Jardine Matheson & Company's Operations, 1842-1895
Hard Roads and Highways: SPD Limited 1918-1968, a study in Distribution
Unilever 1945-1965: Challenge and Response In the Post-War Industrial Revolution
A Century of Chemistry
The River that God Forgot: The Story of the Amazon Rubber Boom
The Sassoons
Norit 1918-1968 : Activity in Black
Stora Kopparberg
Aramco Handbook : Oil and the Middle East
The Property Boom
Shipping Enterprise and Management 1830-1939 : harrisons of Liverpool
The Senior John Samuel Swire 1825-98 : Management in Far Eastern Shipping Trades
The Pharmaceutical Industry : A Personal Study - A Medical, Economic, and Political Survey of the World-Wide Pharmaceutical Industry
The Japanese Miracle Men : The Great Tycoons who in Twenty Years have made Japan the third largest Industrial Power in the World
How The City Works
The Man Who Stole Portugal
In The Realm of Chemistry: Centenary of BASF
The First Century : A Centenary Review of Winstone Limited
Four Centuries of Banking
100 Years of Banking in Asia and Africa: A History of National & Grindlays Bank Limited
All to the Good
de Zoete & Gorton : A History
The Story of B.I.P. (1894-1962)
The Story of Czarnikow
The Rothschilds: A Family Portrait
Formative Years in the Far West
How To Make Your Fortune on the Stock Exchange
A Man and His Times : A Memoir of Sir Ellis Hunter
The Stock Exchange : Its History and Functions
Blyth Greene Jourdain & Co: 1810-1960
How to make money on the stock exchange
The Spirit of Wharf House: Campbell Enterprise from Calcutta to Canberra 1788-1930
Rathbones of Liverpool 1845-73
Heir of Adventure: The Brown Shipley Story
Henry Tate 1819-1899 A Biographical Sketch
Salter: The Story of a Family Firm 1760-1960
The City
The Great Swindle : The Story of the South Sea Bubble
The Great Swindle : The Story of the South Sea Bubble
This is United Steel : A General Review of The United Steel Companies Limited
Pilkington Brothers and the Glass Industry
Adventure in Oil: The Story of British Petroleum
A Century of Metal Broking 1859-1959
BP: Fifty Years in Pictures
Wall Street: The Inside Story of American Finance
A Saga of British Industry: The Story of the British Plaster Board Group
The Story of Evans Medical 1809 - 1959
The Merchants of Life : An Account of the American Pharmaceutical Industry
Jamsetji Nusserwanjani Tata: A Chronicle of his Life
Baruch : My Own Story
Investor's Progress: From Money Box to Stocks and Shares
The Seven Fat Years : Chronicles of Wall Street
Gold and Paper : A History of the National Bank of Australia
L'Union Des Banques Cantonales Suisses 1907-1957
Thirty Years of Bank Melli Iran (1928-1958)
Bid For Power
Given to Salt : The Struggle for the Dead Sea Concession
Enterprise in Oil: A History of Shell In the United States
Billingham -- The First Ten Years
Mr. Baruch
Deloitte and Co.: 1845-1956
A History of the Assam Company 1839-1953
Battersea Works 1856-1956
The Story of the Forestal
The Borneo Story: The First Hundred Years of The Borneo Company Limited
South Pacific Enterprise: The Colonial Sugar Refining Company
No Name on the Door
The Life of Ludwig Mond
Gateway House
The New Research Laboratories of Imperial Chemical Industries Dyestuffs Group
Manbre and Garton 1855 - 1955 A Hundred Years of Progess
Morro Velho
The Master Millers : The Story of the House of Rank
The Master Millers: The Story of the House of Rank 1875-1955
Mitsubishi Enterprises
Leu & Co. 1775-1955: Two Centuries of History in the Life of a Swiss Bank
Stora Kopparberg : Six Hundred Years of Industrial Enterprise
The Great Crash
The History of Unilever: A Study in Economic Growth and Social Change
Realms of Silver; One Hundred Years of Banking in the East
Through a City Archway: The Story of Allen & Hanburys 1715-1954
The History of Unilever: A Study in Economic Growth and Social Change
Parrys of Madras : A Story of British Enterprise in India
The House of Were : 1839-1954
Cazenove & Co., 1785 - 1955
Glyn's 1753-1953: Six Generations in Lombard Street
History of the Royal Dutch Shell (Five Volumes)
The House of Howard: The Story of and English Firm
The History of Reckitt and Sons
100 Years of Phosphorus Making 1851-1951
London Business Cavalcade
Herbert H. Dow : Pioneer in Creative Chemistry
Bush 1851 - 1951
The Story of Mond Nickel
A Few Records of an Old Firm: Joseph Travers & Sons, 119 Cannon St. London
A Story of British Achievement 1849-1949
In Search of Colour
Enterprise : A Record of the Tennant Group of Companies
John Law : The Life of an Honest Adventurer
John Law : The Life of an Honest Adventurer
Hansons of East Cheap 1747-1947: The Story of the House of Samuel Hanson
The Stock Exchange : its history and how it works : its place in the modern world
The Vital Flame
Threescore Years and Ten : A Narrative of the First Seventy Years of Eli Lilly and Company 1876-1946
This is Your Company
Through the Mill : The Life of Joseph Rank
The First Decade of Batanagar
The House of Goodyear : A Story of Rubber and of Modern Business
Hambros Bank Ltd., London, 1839 -1939
Barclays Bank: Dominion Colonial Overseas 1836-1936
The Westminster Bank Through A Century
The Nine Magazines of Kodansha
National Provincial Bank 1833-1933
The Bank of England from Within 1694-1900
A History of Financial Speculation
A History of Lloyds: From the founding of Lloyds Coffee House to the Present Day
Plough Court: The Story of a Notable Pharmacy, 1715-1927
Lord Northcliffe: A Study
Plough Court & Through a City Archway
A Few Records of an Old Firm: Joseph Travers & Sons, 119 Cannon St. London
Centenary of the Alkali Industry 1823-1923 : One Hundred Years of Scientific & Industrial Progress
The South Sea Bubble
The Life of Thomas Coutts, Banker
The Romance of the Rothschilds
The Struggle for Supremacy
Coutts & Co. Bankers
Chronicles and Characters of the Stock Exchange
East from Brazosport
Silver Dollar : The Story of the Tabors
Jardine Matheson & Company: An Historical Sketch C1960
Water Reflections: A Short history of Four Water Companies
The Saga of Saga: 1972-1997
Jebsen and Company Limited, Hong Kong
The Mitsui Bank: A History of the First 100 Years
Nestle in Profile
The City of London ( 4 Volumes )
Wills of Bristol


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