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3rd August 2020

Book List

Swire : One Hundred and Fifty Years in Australia
Toshiba: Defining A New Tomorrow
Progressive Spirit : The 120-Year History of Oki Electric
Richard Branson: Losing My Virginity, the Autobiography
Weinstock : The Life & Times of Britain's Premier Industrialist
The Kikkoman Chronicles : A Global Company with a Japanese Soul
Goldsmith: Money, Women and Power
Bre-X : The Inside Story of the World's Biggest Mining Scam
Hong Kong Trams
Arnold Weinstock and the Making of GEC
Gianni Versace: Fashion's Last Emperor
Li Ka-shing: Hong Kong's elusive billionaire
Christian Dior : The Man Who Made the World Look New
Maxwell: The Final Verdict
Foreign Body : The Secret Life of Robert Maxwell
Tricontinental: The Rise and Fall of a Merchant Bank
Rewarding Success: The First Hundred Years of Jebson & Company: 1895-1995
Painfully Rich : J. Paul Getty and His Heirs
Horizon Beyond
Virgin King: Inside Richard Branson's Business Empire
The Brothers: The Saga of the Richest Family in Japan
Master of the Game: How Steve Ross rode the Light Fantastic from Undertaker to Creator of the Largest Media Conglomerate in the World
Hanson: A Biography
Honda's Global Local Company
Conrad Black: A Life in Progress
Tiny Rowland : A Rebel Tycoon
Game Over : How Nintendo Zapped an American Industry Captured Your Dollars and Enslaved Your Children
Blainey, Geoffrey
The Taste of Luxury : Bernard Arnault and the Moet Henessey Louis Vuitton Story
A Burst of Crackers: The Li & Fung Story
Rupert Murdoch : Ringmaster of the Information Circus
The Unknown Maxwell
Beyond the Last Blue Mountain : A Life of J.R.D. Tata
Billionaire : The Life and Times of Sir James Goldsmith
Nestle: 125 Years 1866-1991
Murdoch: The Decline of an Empire
Hang Seng the Evergrowing Bank
Swoosh : The Unauthorised Story of Nike and the Men Who Played There
Trumped! The Inside Story of the Real Donald Trump - His Cunning Rise and Spectacular Fall
The Honourable Company : A History of the East India Company
Quick Tidings of Hong Kong
Memories of Raffles: 22 Years with a Grand Old Hotel
First Sealord: The Life and Work of Sir Y.K. Pao
The House of Nomura
Barbarians at the Gate : The Fall of RJR Nabisco
Chanel : A Woman of Her Own
True Greed : What Really Happend in the Battle for RJR Nabisco
The Rise and Fall of Alan Bond
The House of Morgan : The Secret History of Money and Power
Nightmare : The Ernest Saunders Story
My Bridge to America: Discovering the New World for Minolta
Beijing Jeep: The Short Unhappy Romance of American Business in China
Hong Kong Money : How Chinese Families and Fortunes are Changing Canada
Beyond Lion Rock : The Story of Cathay Pacific Airlines
A Very Good Business: One Hundred Years of James Hardie Industries 188-1988
The Taking of Getty Oil : The Full Story of the Most Spectacular - and Catastrophic - Takeover of All Time
Richard Branson: The Inside Story
Maxwell: The Outsider
Charles Clore : The Man and His Millions
My Life with Tiny: A Biography of Tiny Rowland
Tycoon: The Life of James Goldsmith
Hammer : Witness to History
Take Overs
Gucci : A House Divided
Bread Men : How the Westons Built an International Empire
The Blue Flame : 125 Years of Towngas in Hong Kong
The History of the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation
The House of Getty
The Milky Way: The History of Dairy Farm.
Two Centuries of Overseas Trading: The Origins and Growth of the Inchcape Group
Wharf : The First Hundred Years
The 50-Year History of Mitutoyo
Beyond the Ivied Mountain: The Origin and Growth of a Japanese Securities House 1872-1985
The Real Coke, The Real Story
Meet You At Raffles
The House of Getty
Citizen Hughes: The Incredible Last Years of Howard Hughes - In his own words
Getty, The Richest Man in the World
Schweppes: The First 200 Years
Syd's Pirates: A Story of an Airline
SCMP: The First 80 Years
Barefaced Cheek: The Apotheosis of Rupert Murdoch
Eyes of Tomorrow : The Evolution of Procter & Gamble
Texas Rich: The Story of the Hunt Dynasty of Dallas
The Taipans: Hong Kong Merchant Princes
Ships on the Shore
Discovery; Stories of Modern Exploration
High Noon for Coaches: 1879-1979
Our Family Business
A History of the Joint Steamer Companies
The Unique World of the Sogo Shosha
The East Asiatic Company
Howard Hughes and the Hidden Years
Aristotle Onassis
The 100 Year History of Mitsui and Co.: 1876-1976
Aristotle Onassis
Krug House of Champagne
Aspro -- How a Family Business Grew Up
Coming Clean
Larger Than Life
Take Your Jacket Off: The Chronicle of a Merchant House as seen Against 75 Years of World History
From Pills to Penicillin: The Beecham Story
Calling to Mind : An Account of the First Hundred Years of Steel Brothers
Wallace Brothers
Mitsui : Three Centuries of Japanese Business
Borthwicks : A Century in the Meat Trade 1863-1963
The Winning Counter: Hugh Fraser & Harrods
The Traders : The Story of Britain's SE Asia Commercial Adventure
The East India Company
Alan Sugar : The Amstrad Story
Men and Machines: The Brambles Story
The House of Yardley : 1770-1970
Ceylon in our Times 1894-1969
Western Enterprise in Late Ch'ing China: A Selective Survey of Jardine Matheson & Company's Operations, 1842-1895
The Sassoons
The Senior John Samuel Swire 1825-98 : Management in Far Eastern Shipping Trades
The Japanese Miracle Men : The Great Tycoons who in Twenty Years have made Japan the third largest Industrial Power in the World
World Events 1866-1966: The First Hundred Years of Nestle
The Rockefeller Millions
Andrew Yule and Company 1863-1963
Anglo-American Steamship Rivalry in China, 1862-1874
Blyth Greene Jourdain & Co: 1810-1960
The Spirit of Wharf House: Campbell Enterprise from Calcutta to Canberra 1788-1930
W.M. Noall & Son
The Duncan Group 1859-1959
Jamsetji Nusserwanjani Tata: A Chronicle of his Life
The House of Dodwell: A Century of Achievement 1858-1958
Blue Funnel: A History of Alfred Holt and Company of Liverpool From 1865-1914
A History of the Assam Company 1839-1953
Twinings - The House of Twinings : 250 Years of Tea and Coffee
The Borneo Story: The First Hundred Years of The Borneo Company Limited
South Pacific Enterprise : The Colonial Sugar Refining Company
No Name on the Door
The Original Has His Signature: W.W. Kellogg
B.I. Centenary 1856-1956 : the Story of the British India Steam Navigation Co. Ltd.
Mitsubishi Enterprises
The History of Unilever: A Study in Economic Growth and Social Change
Parrys of Madras : A Story of British Enterprise in India
The House of Were : 1839-1954
The Wise Bamboo
A Few Records of an Old Firm: Joseph Travers & Sons, 119 Cannon St. London
These Hundred Years: The Story of G & R Wills & Co. Limited During its First Hundred Years 1849-1949
Henry Ford: An Autobiography
The First Decade of Batanagar
The Nine Magazines of Kodansha
A Few Records of an Old Firm: Joseph Travers & Sons, 119 Cannon St. London
Jebsen and Company Limited, Hong Kong


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