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3rd July 2020


Swire : One Hundred and Fifty Years in Australia ,Bleasdale, Charlotte ,
Toshiba: Defining A New Tomorrow ,Cutts, R.L. , 0713996366
Progressive Spirit : The 120-Year History of Oki Electric ,Hasegawa, Shin ,
Richard Branson: Losing My Virginity, the Autobiography ,Branson, Richard , 1852276843
Weinstock : The Life & Times of Britain's Premier Industrialist ,Brummer, Alex & Cowe, Roger , 0002556766
The Kikkoman Chronicles : A Global Company with a Japanese Soul ,Yates, Ronald E. , 0071347364
Goldsmith: Money, Women and Power ,Hutchins, Chris and Midgley, Dominic , 1840180935
Bre-X : The Inside Story of the World's Biggest Mining Scam ,Wells, Jennifer , 0752813641
Hong Kong Trams ,Arenz, B. , 9622176194
Arnold Weinstock and the Making of GEC ,Aris, Stephen , 1854104705
Gianni Versace: Fashion's Last Emperor ,Turner, L. , 0233993428
Li Ka-shing: Hong Kong's elusive billionaire ,Chan, Anthony B. , 0195900766
Christian Dior : The Man Who Made the World Look New ,Pochna, Marie-France , 1854105477
Maxwell: The Final Verdict ,Bower, Tom , 0002555646
Foreign Body : The Secret Life of Robert Maxwell ,Davies, R. , 0747526087
Tricontinental: The Rise and Fall of a Merchant Bank ,Armstrong, H. & Gross, D. , 052284658
Rewarding Success: The First Hundred Years of Jebson & Company: 1895-1995 ,Nash, Nancy ,
Painfully Rich : J. Paul Getty and His Heirs ,Pearson, John , 0333590333
Horizon Beyond ,Tahija, Julius , 9812045449
Virgin King: Inside Richard Branson's Business Empire ,Jackson, Tim , 000224361X
The Brothers: The Saga of the Richest Family in Japan ,Downer, Lesley , 0701153753
Master of the Game: How Steve Ross rode the Light Fantastic from Undertaker to Creator of the Largest Media Conglomerate in the World ,Bruck, Connie , 0671725742
Hanson: A Biography ,Brummer, Alex & Cowe, Roger , 1857021894
Honda's Global Local Company ,Mair, A. , 0333586832
Conrad Black: A Life in Progress ,Black, Conrad , 1 55013 520 1
Tiny Rowland : A Rebel Tycoon ,Bower, Tom , 0434073393
Game Over : How Nintendo Zapped an American Industry Captured Your Dollars and Enslaved Your Children ,Sheff, David , 0679404694
Blainey, Geoffrey ,Jumping Over the Wheel , 186373564X
The Taste of Luxury : Bernard Arnault and the Moet Henessey Louis Vuitton Story ,Forestier Nadege, Ravai Nzanine , 0747512027
A Burst of Crackers: The Li & Fung Story ,Hutcheon, Robin ,
Rupert Murdoch : Ringmaster of the Information Circus ,Shawcross, W. , 0701134518
The Unknown Maxwell ,Davies, Nicholas , 028306160X
Beyond the Last Blue Mountain : A Life of J.R.D. Tata ,Lala, R.M. ,
Billionaire : The Life and Times of Sir James Goldsmith ,Fallon, Ivan , 009174380X
Nestle: 125 Years 1866-1991 ,Heer, J. ,
Murdoch: The Decline of an Empire ,Belfield, R., Hird, C., Kelly, S. , 0356203395
Hang Seng the Evergrowing Bank ,Chambers, Gillian ,
Swoosh : The Unauthorised Story of Nike and the Men Who Played There ,Strasser, J.B., Beckland, L. , 0151874301
Trumped! The Inside Story of the Real Donald Trump - His Cunning Rise and Spectacular Fall ,O'Donnell, J.R. , 067173735X
The Honourable Company : A History of the East India Company ,Keay, John , 0002175150
Quick Tidings of Hong Kong ,Coates, Austin , 0195840240
Memories of Raffles: 22 Years with a Grand Old Hotel ,Pregarz, R. , 9810012896
First Sealord: The Life and Work of Sir Y.K. Pao ,Hutcheon, Robin , 9622014542
The House of Nomura ,Alletzhauser, Al , 0747403826
Barbarians at the Gate : The Fall of RJR Nabisco ,Burroughs, B. and Helyar, J. , 0060161728
Chanel : A Woman of Her Own ,Madsen, A. , 0805016392
True Greed : What Really Happend in the Battle for RJR Nabisco ,Lampert, H. , 0452265304
The Rise and Fall of Alan Bond ,Barry, Paul , 0385400772
The House of Morgan : The Secret History of Money and Power ,Chernow, Ron , 0671710311
Nightmare : The Ernest Saunders Story ,Saunders, James , 0091741017
My Bridge to America: Discovering the New World for Minolta ,Kusumoto, S , 0525247874
Beijing Jeep: The Short Unhappy Romance of American Business in China ,Mann, J. , 0671620274
Hong Kong Money : How Chinese Families and Fortunes are Changing Canada ,de Mont, John & Fennell, Thomas , 1550131648
Beyond Lion Rock : The Story of Cathay Pacific Airlines ,Young, Gavin , 0091737249
A Very Good Business: One Hundred Years of James Hardie Industries 188-1988 ,Carroll, Brian , 0959677550
The Taking of Getty Oil : The Full Story of the Most Spectacular - and Catastrophic - Takeover of All Time ,Coll, Steve , 0044402678
Richard Branson: The Inside Story ,Brown, Mick , 0718129962
Maxwell: The Outsider ,Bower, T. , 0948149884
Charles Clore : The Man and His Millions ,Clutterbuck, David and Devine, Marion , 0297790862
My Life with Tiny: A Biography of Tiny Rowland ,Hall, Richard , 0571147372
Tycoon: The Life of James Goldsmith ,Wansell, Geoffrey , 0246129212
Hammer : Witness to History ,Hammer, A. , 0671654586
Boone ,Pickens, T. Boone , 0395414334
Take Overs ,Fallon, Ivan, Srodes, James , 024112073X
Gucci : A House Divided ,McKnight, G. , 0283994576
Bread Men : How the Westons Built an International Empire ,Davies, Charles , 1550130501
The Blue Flame : 125 Years of Towngas in Hong Kong ,Hutcheon, Robin ,
The History of the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation ,King, Frank H.H. , 0521327067
The House of Getty ,Miller, R. ,
The Milky Way: The History of Dairy Farm. ,Cameron, Nigel , 9627029033
Two Centuries of Overseas Trading: The Origins and Growth of the Inchcape Group ,Jones, Stephanie , 0333371720
Wharf : The First Hundred Years ,Hutcheon, Robin ,
The 50-Year History of Mitutoyo ,Arai, T. ,
Beyond the Ivied Mountain: The Origin and Growth of a Japanese Securities House 1872-1985 , ,
The Real Coke, The Real Story ,Oliver, Thomas , 0394552733
Meet You At Raffles ,FLower, R. , 9971654083
The House of Getty ,Miller, R. , 0718126017
Citizen Hughes: The Incredible Last Years of Howard Hughes - In his own words ,Drosnin, M. , 009161130X
Getty, The Richest Man in the World ,Lenzner, Robert , 0091628407
Schweppes: The First 200 Years ,Simmons, Douglas , 0862541042
Syd's Pirates: A Story of an Airline ,Eather, Charles , 0949756059
SCMP: The First 80 Years ,Hutcheon, R. , 962100022X
Barefaced Cheek: The Apotheosis of Rupert Murdoch ,Leapman, M. , 0340282118
Power ,Cameron, Nigel , 019581326X
Eyes of Tomorrow : The Evolution of Procter & Gamble ,Schisgall, Oscar , 0894340115
Texas Rich: The Story of the Hunt Dynasty of Dallas ,Hury, H (III) , 0856134007
The Taipans: Hong Kong Merchant Princes ,Crisswell, Colin N. , 0195853733
Ships on the Shore ,Coates, Austin ,
Discovery; Stories of Modern Exploration ,Trengrove, A. , 090931604
High Noon for Coaches: 1879-1979 ,Millar, J.H., Spencer, G. , 0589012347
Our Family Business ,Dunhill, Mary , 037030229X
A History of the Joint Steamer Companies ,Griffiths, P.J. ,
The Unique World of the Sogo Shosha , ,
The East Asiatic Company ,Westphall, P. ,
Howard Hughes and the Hidden Years ,Phelan, J. , 0002113651
Aristotle Onassis ,Fraser, N. et al. , 0297774263
The 100 Year History of Mitsui and Co.: 1876-1976 , ,
Aristotle Onassis ,Fraser, N. et al. , 0397012187
Krug House of Champagne ,Arlott, John , 0706701992
Aspro -- How a Family Business Grew Up ,Smith, R.Grenville. and Barrie, Alexander , 0903716062
Coming Clean ,Knox, A.M. , 43491066X
Larger Than Life ,Considine, Bob , 0491019467
Take Your Jacket Off: The Chronicle of a Merchant House as seen Against 75 Years of World History ,Huizinga, Leonard ,
From Pills to Penicillin: The Beecham Story ,Lazell, H.G. , 434409006
Calling to Mind : An Account of the First Hundred Years of Steel Brothers ,Braund, H.E.W. , 0080174159
Wallace Brothers ,Pointon, A.C. ,
Mitsui : Three Centuries of Japanese Business ,Roberts, John G. , 0834800802
Borthwicks : A Century in the Meat Trade 1863-1963 ,Harrison, Godfrey ,
The Winning Counter: Hugh Fraser & Harrods ,Pottinger, George , 0091062209
The Traders : The Story of Britain's SE Asia Commercial Adventure ,Cunyngham-Brown, Sjovald , 080174132
The East India Company ,Gardner, Brian , 0880295309
Alan Sugar : The Amstrad Story ,Thomas, David , 0712635181
Men and Machines: The Brambles Story ,Manuel, D.L. , 725400161
The House of Yardley : 1770-1970 ,James, B., Taylor, P., Nurray-Pearce, M.A. ,
Ceylon in our Times 1894-1969 ,Anon. ,
Onassis ,Frischaner, W. ,
Western Enterprise in Late Ch'ing China: A Selective Survey of Jardine Matheson & Company's Operations, 1842-1895 ,LeFevour, Edward ,
The Sassoons ,Jackson, Stanley , 434370525
The Senior John Samuel Swire 1825-98 : Management in Far Eastern Shipping Trades ,Hyde, Francis E., Marriner, Sheila ,
The Japanese Miracle Men : The Great Tycoons who in Twenty Years have made Japan the third largest Industrial Power in the World ,Hewins, Ralph ,
World Events 1866-1966: The First Hundred Years of Nestle ,Heer, J. ,
The Rockefeller Millions ,Abels, J. ,
Andrew Yule and Company 1863-1963 , ,
Anglo-American Steamship Rivalry in China, 1862-1874 ,Liu ,
Blyth Greene Jourdain & Co: 1810-1960 ,Muri, Augustus ,
The Spirit of Wharf House: Campbell Enterprise from Calcutta to Canberra 1788-1930 ,Newman, C.E.T. ,
W.M. Noall & Son ,Hughes-Jones, R.N. ,
The Duncan Group 1859-1959 , ,
Jamsetji Nusserwanjani Tata: A Chronicle of his Life ,Harris, Frank ,
The House of Dodwell: A Century of Achievement 1858-1958 ,Warde, Edmund (Editor) ,
Blue Funnel: A History of Alfred Holt and Company of Liverpool From 1865-1914 ,Hyde, F.E., Harris, J.R. ,
A History of the Assam Company 1839-1953 ,Anrobus, H.A. ,
Twinings - The House of Twinings : 250 Years of Tea and Coffee ,Twining, S. ,
The Borneo Story: The First Hundred Years of The Borneo Company Limited ,Longhurst, Henry ,
South Pacific Enterprise : The Colonial Sugar Refining Company , ,
No Name on the Door ,Williams, A.H. ,
The Original Has His Signature: W.W. Kellogg ,Powell, H.B. ,
B.I. Centenary 1856-1956 : the Story of the British India Steam Navigation Co. Ltd. ,Blake, George ,
Mitsubishi Enterprises ,MERI ,
The History of Unilever: A Study in Economic Growth and Social Change ,Wilson, Charles ,
Parrys of Madras : A Story of British Enterprise in India ,Brown, Hilton ,
The House of Were : 1839-1954 , ,
The Wise Bamboo ,J.M. Morris ,
A Few Records of an Old Firm: Joseph Travers & Sons, 119 Cannon St. London , ,
These Hundred Years: The Story of G & R Wills & Co. Limited During its First Hundred Years 1849-1949 ,Huffadine, H.N. ,
Henry Ford: An Autobiography ,Simonds, W.D. ,
The First Decade of Batanagar ,Baros, Jan ,
The Nine Magazines of Kodansha ,Noma, Seija ,
A Few Records of an Old Firm: Joseph Travers & Sons, 119 Cannon St. London , ,
Jebsen and Company Limited, Hong Kong , ,


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