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19th September 2017


Lords of Finance : 1929, The Great Depression and the Bankers who Broke the World ,Liaquat Ahamed , 9780434015412
Doing it Our Way : A Sony Memoir ,Ohga, Norio , 9784924971257
A History of Royal Dutch Shell ,Howard, S., van Zanden, J.L., Jonker, J.,Sluyterman, H. , 0199298777
The Birth of Plenty : How the Prosperity of the Modern World was Created ,Bernstein, William J. , 0071421920
Medicine, Science & Merck ,Vagelos, Roy & Galambos, Louis , 0521662958
Bubbles and How to Survive Them ,Calverley, John P. , 1857883489
Tomorrow's Gold: Asia's Age of Discovery ,Faber, Marc , 9628606727
More Ups Than Downs ,Buck, D. , 1841040223
Sir Gregor MacGregor and the Land that Never Was ,Sinclair, David , 0755310799
The Secondary Banking Crisis ,Reid, Margaret , 0954156722
Infectious Greed : How Deceit and Risk Corrupted the Financial Markets ,Partnoy, Frank , 1861974388
The Great Swindle: The Story of the South Sea Bubble ,Cowles, Virginia , 0954156714
Easy Money ,Coggan, P. , 1861972938
A Very English Deceipt: The Secret History of the South Sea Bubble and the First Great Financial Scandal ,Balen, M. , 1841155527
Toshiba: Defining A New Tomorrow ,Cutts, R.L. , 0713996366
DuPont: From the Banks of the Brandywine to Miracles of Science ,Kinnane, Adriane , 0801870593
Engines That Move Markets : Technology Investing from Railroads to the Internet and Beyond ,Nairn, Alasdair , 0471205958
Markets, Mobs and Mahem : A Modern Look at the Madness of Crowds ,Menschel, Robert , 0471233277
Progressive Spirit : The 120-Year History of Oki Electric ,Hasegawa, Shin ,
The Great Swindle : The Story of the South Sea Bubble ,Cowles, Virginia , 0954156714
When Genius Failed: The Rise and Fall of Long-Term Capital Management ,Lowenstein, Roger , 1841155039
Chronicles and Characters of the Stock Exchange ,Francis, John , 0954156706
Dedicated to Success: Fifty Years of Dishcloths and Dusters ,Watson, Nigel , 0953410153
Coffee House to Cyber Market : 200 Years of the London Stock Exchange ,Hennessy, Elizabeth , 0091870968
Chronicles and Characters of the Stock Exchange ,Francis, John ,
Rainbow's End: The Crash of 1929 ,Klein, M. , 0195135164
Empire : A Tale of Obsession Betrayal, and the Battle for an American Icon ,Pacelle, Mitchell , 0471403946
Fooled by Randomness : The Hidden Role of Chance in the Markets and in Life ,Taleb, Nassim Nicholas , 1587990717
In the Market : The Illustrated History of the Financial Markets ,Finch, Christopher , 0789200147
Sita: 80 Years of History, A Private Company Dedicated to Public Services ,Ruffat, M. ,
The Coming Internet Depression ,Mandel, Michael , 0465043585
Heroes.com: The Names and Faces Behind the Dot Com Era ,Proddow, L. , 0340781726
Building the Northern Rock ,Aris, Stephen , 0907383416
Building the Name - Neville: The Story of a Family Business 1875-2000 ,Watson, Nigel ,
The First Food Empire: A History of J.Lyons and Co ,Bird, Peter , 1860771327
Confessions of a Venture Capitalist: Inside the High-Stakes World of Start-up Financing ,Quindlen, R. , 0446526800
Devil Take the Hindmost: A History of Financial Speculation ,Chancellor, E. , 0452281806
Thunder from the East: Portrait of a Rising Asia ,Kristof, N.D., WuDunn, S. , 0375403256
The Power of Gold: The History of an Obsession ,Bernstein, Peter L. , 0471252107
The Mystery of Capital : Why Capitalism Triumphs in the West and Fails Everywhere Else ,de Soto, Hernando , 0593046641
Irrational Exuberance ,Shiller, Robert J. , 0691050627
Rollercoaster : The Incredible Story of the Emerging Markets ,Tudor, Gill , 0273650092
Mauve - How One Man Invented a Colour that Changed the World ,Garfield, Simon , 0571201970
The Magic of a Name : The Rolls Royce Story ,Pugh, Peter ,
Robert Fleming : 1845 - 1933 ,Smith, Bill ,
Great Bubbles ,Ed. Emmett, Ross B. , 9781851965250
Goldman Sachs: The Culture of Success ,Endlich, Lisa , 0679450807
Vertical Take-Off: The Inside Story of British Aerospace's Comeback from Crisis to World Class ,Evans, Sir Richard., Price, C. , 1857882458
The City of London: Vol III, Illusions of Gold 1914-1945 ,Kynaston, David , 0701161507
Devil Take the Hindmost: A History of Financial Speculation ,Chancellor, E. , 0333648242
The Turquoise Conspiracy: Asil Nadir, the Collapse of Polly Peck and the Persecution of a Family ,Nevzat, Bilge with Graser, Gill , 0853509605
The Asian Financial Crisis: Causes, Contagion and Consequences ,(Ed.) Agenor, Miller, Vines, Weber , 0521770807
The New New Thing : How Some Man You've Never Heard Of Just Changed Your Life ,Lewis, Michael , 0340766980
The Years of Living Dangerously: Asia - From Financial Crisis to the New Millenium ,Vines, S. , 0752820729
The Internet Bubble: Inside the Overvalued World of High-Tech Stocks -- and What You Need to Know to Avoid the Coming Shakeout ,Perkins, Anthony B., Perkins, Michael C. , 0066640008
The Great Game : A History of Wall Street ,Gordon, John Steele , 0752830961
The Legend of Pfizer ,Rodengen, Jeffrey L. , 0945903375
The London Rich : The Creation of a Great City from 1666 to the Present ,Thorold , 0312266162
From Empire to Europe : The Decline and Revival of British Industry Since the Second World War ,Owen, Geoffrey , 0002556820
Tulipomania : The Story of the World's Most Coveted Flower and the Extraordinary Passions it Aroused ,Dash, Mike , 0575067233
Abbott Laboratories in the UK ,Slinn, Judy , 1857570669
Private Equity ; Examining the New Conglomerates of European Business ,Temple, Peter , 0471983969
Phillips and Drew: Professionals in the City ,Reader, W.J. & Kynaston, D. , 0709062923
Richard Branson: Losing My Virginity, the Autobiography ,Branson, Richard , 1852276843
Weinstock: The Life & Times of Britain's Premier Industrialist ,Brummer, Alex & Cowe, Roger , 0002556766
The Kikkoman Chronicles : A Global Company with a Japanese Soul ,Yates, Ronald E. , 0071347364
From Diamond Sculls to Golden Handcuffs: A History of Rowe and Pitman ,Lycett, A. , 0709063016
Thailand's Boom and Bust ,Phongpaichit, P., Baker, C. , 9747100576
The Bear Book: Survive and Profit in Ferocious Markets ,Rothchild, John , 0471197181
Bre-X: The Inside Story of the World's Biggest Mining Scam ,Wells, Jennifer , 0752813641
Zurich 125 Years: Inspired by Tomorrow ,Luond, K. , 3858237329
Markets not Stakes: The Triumph of Capitalism and the Stakeholder Fallacy ,Minford, Patrick , 075281172X
Asia Meltdown: The End of the Miracle? ,Gough, L. , 1900961911
Asia Falling? Making Sense of the Asian Currency Crisis and its Aftermath ,Henderson, C. , 0071157506
Burn Rate: How I Survived the Gold Rush Years on the Internet ,Wolff, M. , 0297842617
Arnold Weinstock and the Making of GEC ,Aris, Stephen , 1854104705
A Century in Oil: The Shell Transport and Trading Company 1897-1997 ,Howarth, Stephen , 0297822470
Rich Desserts and Captain's Thin: A Family and Their Times 1831-1931 ,Forster, Margaret , 0701163941
From Promise to Performance: A Journey of Transformation at SmithKline Beecham ,Bauman, R, Jackson, P., Lawrence, J. , 0875846343
LIFFE: A Market and Its Makers ,Kynaston, David , 1857570561
Ashanti Gold : The Africa Legacy of the World's Most Precious Metal ,Ayensu, E.S. ,
The Art of Speculation ,Carret, P.L. , 0471181870
Reqiuem for a Family Business ,Guinness, Jonathan , 0333661915
Li Ka-shing: Hong Kong's elusive billionaire ,Chan, Anthony B. , 0195900766
Rogue Trader ,Leeson, Nick , 0316879711
Buffett: The Making of an American Capitalist ,Lowenstein, Roger , 0297817051
The Great Alliance: A History of O.I.L. Limited 1971-1995 ,MacDonald, R. ,
Roche 1896-1996 ,Peyer, Hans Conrad , 3907770595
The Collapse of Barings ,Fay, Stephen , 1860660371
Midas Investing ,Steinberg, M. , 081292388X
Against the Gods : The Remarkable Story of Risk ,Bernstein, P.L. ,
25 Years of Innovation : The Story of Pfizer Central Research ,Tanner, Ogden , 0944641172
History of Pedlars in Europe ,Fontaine, Laurence , 082231794X
True and Fair: A History of Price Waterhouse ,Jones, Edgar , 0241001722
Rewarding Success: The First Hundred Years of Jebson & Company: 1895-1995 ,Nash, Nancy ,
Through Fortress and Rock: The Story of Gencor 1895-1995 ,Jones, J.D.F. , 1868420299
Portrait in Oil: An Illustrated History of BP ,Ritchie, Berry , 090738367X
3I: Fifty Years Investing in Industry ,Coopey, R., Clarke, D. , 0198289448
Lords of the Rim ,Seagrave, Stirling , 0593029070
Adventures of a Chemist Collector ,Bader, Alfred , 0297834614
Henry Wellcome ,James, Robert Rhodes , 0340606177
Virgin King: Inside Richard Branson's Business Empire ,Jackson, Tim , 000224361X
The Brothers: The Saga of the Richest Family in Japan ,Downer, L. , 0701153753
Modern by Tradition: The History of the chemical-pharmaceutical factory E. Merck Darmstadt ,Possehl, I. ,
Ultimate Risk: The Inside Story of Lloyd's Catastrophe ,Raphael, Adam , 0593026934
Hanson: A Biography ,Brummer, Alex & Cowe, Roger , 1857021894
An Invaluable Treasure: A History of the TSB ,Moss, M. and Russell, I , 0297811185
Sadia's 50th Anniversary: Writing Its Own History , ,
The Baltic Exchange: Baltik Coffee House to Baltic Exchange ,Barty-King, H. , 1870948912
The Billion Dollar Molecule : One Company's Quest for the Perfect Drug ,Werth, Barry , 0671723278
The Warburgs: A Family Saga ,Chernow, Ron , 0701138394
Towers of Debt: The Rise and Fall of the Reichmanns the Olympia and York Story ,Foster, Peter , 0340591781
The Pursuit of Reason: The Economist 1843-1993 ,Edwards, Ruth Dudley , 0241129397
The South Sea Bubble ,Carswell, J. , 0862999189
Tiny Rowland : A Rebel Tycoon ,Bower, Tom , 0434073393
The Cedar Story: The Night The City Was Saved ,Gordon, Charles , 1856192172
Game Over: How Nintendo Zapped an American Industry Captured Your Dollars and Enslaved Your Children ,Sheff, David , 0679404694
Steve Jobs & The NeXT Big Thing ,Stross, Randall E. , 0689121350
The World of Gold : The Inside Story of Who Mines, Who markets, Who Buys Gold ,Green, Timothy , 1872803067
From Riker to 3M Pharmaceuticals , ,
Southern Electric: A History ,Collier, Clive ,
Inside Out : The Dennis Levine Story ,Levine, D. with Hoffer, W. , 0712649328
A Burst of Crackers: The Li & Fung Story ,Hutcheon, R. ,
Nightmare on Lime Street: Whatever happened to Lloyd's of London? ,Gunn, Cathy , 185685017X
Ratherbone Brothers: From Merchants to Banker 1742-1992 ,Nottingham, Lucie ,
Money of the Mind: Baorrowing and Lending in America from the Civil War to Michael Milken ,Grant, J. , 0374169799
Beyond the Last Blue Mountain : A Life of J.R.D. Tata ,Lala, R.M. ,
The Junk Bond Revolution : Michael Milken, Wall Street and the Roaring Eighties ,Bailey, Fenton , 1872180531
The Billion Dollar Battle; Merck v Glaxo ,Lynn, Mathew , 043443924X
The Hunting History ,Hunting, P. , 0951729403
The Sultan of Berkeley Square: Asil Nadir and the Thatcher Years ,Hindle, Tim , 0333566971
Values & Vision: A Merck Century ,Galambos, Louis ,
Cazenove & Co: A History ,Kynaston, David , 0713460598
Billionaire : The Life and Times of Sir James Goldsmith ,Fallon, Ivan , 009174380X
Hang Seng the Evergrowing Bank ,Chambers, Gillian ,
A Clear and Simple Vision ,Pugh, Peter , 1871341051
Long Lease! ,Cassell, Michael , 1870092023
Banking Crises: Cases and Issues ,Sundararajan, V. (Editor) , 1557751870
Counter Revolution: The Tesco Story ,Powell, David , 0246135646
The Honourable Company : A History of the East India Company ,Keay, John , 0002175150
The Pride of Lucifer: The Unauthorised Biography of a Merchant Bank ,Hobson, Dominic , 0241127793
Great Enterprise: A history of Harrisons and Crosfield ,Pugh, Peter et al. , 0951611607
Quick Tidings of Hong Kong ,Coates, Austin , 0195840240
The House of Nomura ,Alletzhauser, Al , 0747403826
The Story of Typhoo and the Birmingham Tea Industry ,Williams, Kenneth , 1870948289
Shaking the Iron Universe: British Industry in the 1980s ,Bowen, D. , 0340508477
The Rise and Fall of Alan Bond ,Barry, Paul , 0385400772
Burning Down the House ,Sterngold, James , 0671709011
Striking the Balance : Sal. Oppenheim Jr & Cie, A Family and a Bank ,Sturmer, M., Teichmann G. & Treue W. , 0297813994
The Panasonic Way: From a CEO's Desk ,Yamashita, Toshihiko , 0870112900
Morgan Grenfell 1838-1988 - the Biography of a Merchant Bank ,Burk, Kathleen , 0198283067
Nightmare : The Ernest Saunders Story ,Saunders, James , 0091741017
West of Eden: The End of Innocence at Apple Computer ,Rose, F. , 0091741181
The Mandarin Hong Kong ,Cameron, Nigel ,
A Chemistry for Success: The Growth of MTM ,Rassam, Clive , 0907383009
Branching Out: The Story of Philip Bollom and The Johnson Group ,Hudson, J. , 0948265787
Inside Job: The Looting of America's Savings and Loans ,Pizzo, S. et al. , 0070502307
The New Tycoons: Becoming Seriously Rich at 40 ,Bevan, J., Jay, J. , 067169927X
Hong Kong Money : How Chinese Families and Fortunes are Changing Canada ,de Mont, John & Fennell, Thomas , 1550131648
Rothschild: A Story of Wealth and Power ,Wilson, Derek , 0233979999
Beyond Lion Rock : The Story of Cathay Pacific Airlines ,Young, Gavin , 0091737249
The History of Blue Circle ,Pugh, Peter , 1871341019
Richard Branson: The Inside Story ,Brown, Mick , 0718129962
The Tom Cowie Story ,Martin, P. , 0907383019
Merrydown: Forty Vintage Years 1946-1986 ,Wright, G. , 0951347004
Subterranean Commonwealth: 25 Years Gasunie and Natural Gas ,Kielich, W. , 9068250558
The Sixth Great Power : Barings 1762-1929 ,Ziegler, Philip , 0002175088
The Predators' Ball: The Junk Bond Raiders and the Man Who Staked Them ,Bruck, Connie , 067161780X
Steve Jobs : The Journey is the Reward ,Young, Jeffrey S. , 0673188647
Boom and Bust : The Rise and Fall of the World's Financial Markets ,Wood, Christopher , 0283994452
Light in the East: The First Decade of the Eastern Electricity Board ,Melling, C. , 090406414X
Gold Fields : A Centenary Portrait ,Johnson, Paul , 0297789678
My Life with Tiny: A Biography of Tiny Rowland ,Hall, Richard , 0571147372
Tycoon: The Life of James Goldsmith ,Wansell, Geoffrey , 0246129212
Odyssey : Pepsi to Apple ,Sculley, John , 0002179946
1837: Tales of Pioneer Traders in the East ,Gale, Bruce , 9679998916
A History of GKN (Two Volume Set) ,Jones, Edgar , 0333345940
Is Guinness Good For You: The Bid for Distillers - The Inside Story ,Pugh, Peter , 1851850740
The Money Moguls: The Inside Story of Investment Management ,Goobey, A.R. , 0859413918
Take Overs ,Fallon, Ivan, Srodes, James , 024112073X
Bread Men : How the Westons Built an International Empire ,Davies, Charles , 1550130501
The Blue Flame : 125 Years of Towngas in Hong Kong ,Hutcheon, Robin ,
The History of the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation ,King, Frank H.H. , 0521327067
Forte : The Autobiography of Charles Forte ,Forte, Charles , 0283991585
Eyes Right : The Story of Dollond and Aitchison 1750-1985 ,Barty-King, Hugh , 0907621694
The Milky Way: The History of Dairy Farm. ,Cameron, Nigel , 9627029033
Whereon the Wild Thyme Blows : Some Memoirs of Service with Hongkong Bank ,Marshall, J.F. , 1870192001
Greed and Glory on Wall Street: The Fall of the House of Lehman ,Auletta, Ken , 0394544102
Two Centuries of Overseas Trading: The Origins and Growth of the Inchcape Group ,Jones, Stephanie , 0333371720
Wharf: The First Hundred Years ,Hutcheon, Robin ,
The 50-Year History of Mitutoyo ,Arai, T. ,
A Man of Influence: Sir Siegmund Warburg 1902-1982 ,Attali, J. , 0297789783
Beyond the Ivied Mountain: The Origin and Growth of a Japanese Securities House 1872-1985 , ,
Uneasy City: An Insider's View of the City of London ,Welsh, F. , 0297789945
Rohn & Haas : History of a Chemical Company ,Hochheiser, Sheldon , 0812279409
Randfontein Estates : The First Hundred Years ,Hocking, Anthony , 0320093773
Gold on the Green : Fifty Glaxo Years at Greenford ,Turner, Clifford ,
Metal Men: Marc Rich and the 10 Billion Dollar Scam ,Copetas, Craig , 0399130780
A Golden Adventure : The First 50 Years of Ultramar ,N/A , 0903696355
The House of Man ,Jenkins, Alan ,
Marks and Spencer: Anatomy of Britain's most efficiently managed company ,Tse, Dr. K.K, , 0080302114
Great Financial Disasters ,Murray, Alex , 0213169096
Tycoons: Where They Came From and How They Made It ,Kay, W. , 0861883470
The Sinclair Story ,Dale, Rodney , 0715619012
The New World of Gold ,Green, Timothy , 0297785753
Selfridges : 75 years the Story of the Store 1909-1984 ,Honeycombe, Gordon , 0902935275
Gentlemen of Fortune: The World's Merchant and Investment Bankers ,Ferris, Paul , 0297783807
A History of May & Baker 1834-1984 ,Slinn, J. , 086021625X
The Two Tycoons: A Personal Memoir of Charles Clore and Jack Cotton ,Gordon, Charles , 0241112567
Dalgety : The Romance of a Business ,Vaughan-Thomas, Wynford , 0907929087
Ethyl : A History of the Corporation and the People Who Made It. ,Robert, J.C. , 0813910021
Miles 1884 - 1984 ,Cray, William C. , 0135830141
Schweppes: The First 200 Years ,Simmons, Douglas , 0862541042
Syd's Pirates: A Story of an Airline ,Eather, C. , 0949756059
To have and to hold : An account of Frederick Bandet's Life in Business ,Reader, W.J. , 0950895202
SCMP: The First 80 Years ,Hutcheon, R. , 962100022X
Tree of Life: The Story of Cape Fruit ,Stander, S. , 0797100083
The London Metal Exchange: A Commodity Market ,Gibson-Jarvie, R. , 0893971731
The Making of a Sugar Giant : Tate & Lyle 1859 -1989 ,Chalmin, Philippe , 3718604345
Phillips : The First 66 Years ,Wertz, William C. (Ed.) ,
The Alsford Tradition: A Century of Quality Timber 1882-1982 ,Beaver, Patrick , 0907929001
Power ,Cameron, Nigel , 019581326X
The Great Silver Bubble ,Fay, Stephen , 034028370X
Silver Bulls ,Sarnoff, Paul , 0870004808
The Swedish Sugar Company, Cardo, 1907-1982: Swedish Sugar in an International Perspective ,Kuuse, J. , 9185216186
Borax Pioneer : Frances Marion Smith ,Hildebrand, G.H. , 0831071486
The New World of Gold ,Green, Timothy , 0297780379
People & Property ,Erdman, Edward L. , 0713437901
The History of the British Petroleum Company ,Ferrier, R.W. & Bamberg, J.M. , 0521259517
The Thistle & the Jade : A Celebration of 150 Years of Jardine, Matheson & Co. ,Edited by Keswick, Maggie , 0706417968
Thats the Way the Money Goes : The Financial Institutions and Your Savings ,Plender, John , 0233973982
The Mond Legacy : A Family Saga ,Goodman, Jean , 0297780557
Eyes of Tomorrow: The Evolution of Procter & Gamble ,Schisgall, Oscar , 0894340115
The Sarmcol Story ,Rosenthal, Eric , 0620056037
The Taipans: Hong Kong Merchant Princes ,Crisswell, Colin N. , 0195853733
The Silver Salver: The Story of the Guinness Family ,Mullally, Frederic , 0246112719
Gleeson, Adrienne ,People and their Money : 50 Years of Private Investment , 0860213927
The Money Lenders : Bankers in a Dangerous World ,Sampson, Anthony , 0340257199
Henry Wellcome: The Man, His Collection and His Legacy ,Turner, H.E. , 0435328603
Ships on the Shore ,Coates, Austin ,
The Fine Old House ,Marion, J.F. ,
Wings Across the World: An Illustrated History of British Airways ,Penrose, Harald , 0304306975
Great Commercial Disasters ,Winkworth, Steven , 0333295102
The Fine Old House ,Marion, J.F. ,
A Growing Concern ,Broackes, Nigel , 0297776541
Initiative in Energy: The Story of Dresser Industries ,Payne, Darwin , 0 671 24402 7
A House in the City ,Reader, W.J. , 0713416475
The Hongkong Land Company ,Cameron, Nigel ,
The Charterhouse Group: 1925-1979 A History ,Dennett, L. , 0856140562
The Hambros 1779-1979 ,Bramsen, B., Wain, K. , 0718118529
The Day the Bubble Burst ,Thomas, G., Morgan-Witts, M. , 024110291X
The Day the Bubble Burst ,Thomas, G., Morgan-Witts, M. , 0385143702
Turnaround: The Fall and Rise of the Newton Chambers Group, Managerial Recipes for Strategic Success ,Grinyer, P.H., Spender, J-C , 0852272324
Merchants of Grain ,Morgan, D. , 0297776975
Vickers: Against the Odds 1956-1977 ,Evans, Harold , 0340234342
Sugar and All That... A history of Tate and Lyle ,Hugill, Antony , 0856140481
Pile it High Sell it Cheap: The Authorised biography of Sir John Cohen founder of TESCO ,Corina, Maurice , 0297004581
Stockbrokers for 150 Years: A History of Sheppards and Chase 1827-1877 , , 0906290023
The East Asiatic Company ,Westphall, P. ,
I.N.I.T.I.A.L. 1928-1978 : The Story of the Initial Group ,Beaver, Patrick , 0904928071
A Financial Phenomenon: An Investigation of the Rise and Fall of The Slater Walker Empire ,Raw, Charles , 0233967982
A Mountain of Light : The Story of the Hong Kong Electric Company ,Coates, Austin ,
Jim Slater: Return to Go, My Autobiography ,Slater, Jim , 0297774182
The Mallinson Story 1877-1977 ,Mackie, W.E. ,
The Story of Monsanto Faith, Hope and $5,000: The Trials and Triumphs of the First 75 Years ,Forrestal, Dan , 067122784X
A Financial Phenomenon: An Investigation of the Rise and Fall of The Slater Walker Empire ,Raw, Charles , 0060135069
Rentokil : Fifty Years of Service 1927-1977 ,Anon. ,
Yes We Have Some: The Story of the Fyffes ,Beaver, Patrick , 0904928020
Bankers in West Africa: The Story of the Bank of British West Africa ,Fry, Richard , 0091269105
Sign of the 76: The Fabulous Life and Times of the Union Oil Company of California , ,
Aspro -- How a Family Business Grew Up ,Smith, R.Grenville. and Barrie, Alexander , 0903716062
Coming Clean ,Knox, A.M. , 43491066X
The London Metal Exchange: A Commodity Market ,Gibson-Jarvie, Robert , 0859410420
Lonrho : Portrait of a Multinational ,Conje, Suzanne & Cronje, Gillian & Ling, Magaret , 0905290003
A History of James Capel & Co. ,Reed, M.C. , 0 582 03550 3
Take Your Jacket Off: The Chronicle of a Merchant House as seen Against 75 Years of World History ,Huizinga, L. ,
All in a Century: The First 100 Years of Eli Lilly and Company ,Kahn, E.J. ,
Landlords to London: The Story of a Capital and its Growth ,Jenkins, Simon , 009460150X
From Pills to Penicillin: The Beecham Story ,Lazell, H.G. , 434409006
The Story of BHP: What's Good for Australia... ,Trengrove, A. , 0726987212
Two Centuries of Lewis and Peat 1775-1975 ,Mason, Anthony ,
Calling to Mind : An Account of the First Hundred Years of Steel Brothers ,Braund, H.E.W. , 0080174159
From Pills to Penicillin: The Beecham Story ,Lazell, H.G. ,
The History of British Steel ,Vaizey, J. , 029776704 6
The Warburgs ,Farrer, David , 0718114019
Wallace Brothers ,Pointon, A.C. ,
The Creative Ordeal ; The Story of Raytheon ,Scott, Otto J. , 0689106335
Brownlee 125 ,Carnegie, J.F. ,
The Rothschilds : A Family of Fortune ,Cowles, Virginia , 0394487737
Jesse Boot of Boots The Chemists ,Chapman, Stanley , 0340177047
A Hundred Years of Alkali in Cheshire , ,
The Go-Go Years ,Brooks, John , 717107523
Far Eastern Trade: 1860-1914 ,Hyde, F.E. , 0713613459
Bobst : The Autobiography of a Pharmaceutical Pioneer ,Bobst, Elmer Holmes ,
Borthwicks : A Century in the Meat Trade 1863-1963 ,Harrison, Godfrey ,
The Food Makers ,Foley, John ,
Challenging Years: My Life in Chemistry ,Winnacker, Karl , 0283979003
Barclays Bank Limited 1926-1969: Some Recollections ,Tuke, A.W., Gillman, R.J.H. ,
The Fortunemakers ,McKnight, Gerald , 71811048X
Rees's Manufacturing Industry (1819-20) ,Rees, Abraham (Ed. Neil Cossons) , 0715358685
The Winning Counter: Hugh Fraser & Harrods ,Pottinger, George , 0091062209
Do You sincerely Want to be Rich ? Bernard Cornfeld and IOS: An International Swindle ,Raw, Charles, Page, Bruce, & Hodgson, Godfrey , 0233963286
The Traders : The Story of Britain's SE Asia Commercial Adventure ,Cunyngham-Brown, Sjovald , 080174132
The East India Company ,Gardner, Brian , 0880295309
Stora Kopparberg : A Chronicle from the Beginning to the Present Day , ,
Imperial Chemical Industries : A History (Two Volumes) ,Reader, W.J. , 192159372
Alan Sugar : The Amstrad Story ,Thomas, David , 0712635181
Rothschild Relish ,Palin, Ronald , 304935158
The Curbstone Brokers: The Origins of the American Stock Exchange ,Sobel, Robert ,
Portrait of a Family Firm: Bahr, Behrend and Co. 1793-1945 ,Behrend, A. ,
The Jews in Business ,Aris, Stephen , 0224619535
The Matsushita Phenomenon ,Gould, Rowland ,
The First 50 Years ,Jephcott, Sir Henry ,
East of Suez: A Study of Britain's Greatest Trading Power ,Anderson, J.R. L. , 340109750
Ceylon in our Times 1894-1969 ,Anon. ,
JS 100: The Story of Sainsbury , ,
St Michael : A History of Marks and Spencer ,Rees, Goronwy , 29717763X
Brooke Bond: A Hundred Years ,Wainwright, David ,
John Law ,Montgomery Hyde, H. , 491001932
The History of English China Clays : Fifty Years of Pioneering and Growth ,Hudson, K. , 678055378
New Breed on Wall Street : The Young Men Who Make the Money GO ,Mayer, Martin ,
The World of Gold ,Green, Timothy ,
The Dow Story : The History of the Dow Chemical Company ,Whitehead, D. ,
Western Enterprise in Late Ch'ing China: A Selective Survey of Jardine Matheson & Company's Operations, 1842-1895 ,LeFevour, Edward ,
Hard Roads and Highways: SPD Limited 1918-1968, a study in Distribution ,Reader, W.J. ,
Unilever 1945-1965: Challenge and Response In the Post-War Industrial Revolution ,Wilson, Charles , 0304930059
A Century of Chemistry ,Baumler, E. ,
The River that God Forgot: The Story of the Amazon Rubber Boom ,Collier, R. ,
The Sassoons ,Jackson, Stanley , 434370525
Norit 1918-1968 : Activity in Black ,Fuchs, Dr. J.M. & Simons, W.J. ,
Stora Kopparberg ,Fisher, M.H. ,
Aramco Handbook : Oil and the Middle East , ,
The Property Boom ,Marriott, Oliver , 24191325X
Shipping Enterprise and Management 1830-1939 : harrisons of Liverpool ,Hyde, Francis E. ,
The Senior John Samuel Swire 1825-98 : Management in Far Eastern Shipping Trades ,Hyde, Francis E., Marriner, Sheila ,
The Pharmaceutical Industry : A Personal Study - A Medical, Economic, and Political Survey of the World-Wide Pharmaceutical Industry ,Davies, Wyndham ,
The Japanese Miracle Men : The Great Tycoons who in Twenty Years have made Japan the third largest Industrial Power in the World ,Hewins, Ralph ,
How The City Works ,Hobson, O.R. ,
The Man Who Stole Portugal ,Murray, Teigh Bloom ,
In The Realm of Chemistry: Centenary of BASF , ,
The First Century : A Centenary Review of Winstone Limited ,Simpson, Frank ,
Four Centuries of Banking ,Chandler, G. ,
100 Years of Banking in Asia and Africa: A History of National & Grindlays Bank Limited ,Tyson, Geoffrey ,
All to the Good ,Fraser, L. ,
de Zoete & Gorton : A History ,Janes, H. ,
The Story of B.I.P. (1894-1962) ,Dingley, Cyril, S. ,
The Story of Czarnikow ,Hurford Janes & H.J. Sayers ,
The Rothschilds: A Family Portrait ,Morton, Frederic ,
Formative Years in the Far West ,White, G.T. ,
How To Make Your Fortune on the Stock Exchange ,Ellis, V. ,
A Man and His Times : A Memoir of Sir Ellis Hunter ,Wilson, Charles ,
The Stock Exchange : Its History and Functions ,Morgan, E.V. & Thomas, W.A. ,
Blyth Greene Jourdain & Co: 1810-1960 ,Muri, Augustus ,
How to make money on the stock exchange ,Most, K.S. ,
The Spirit of Wharf House: Campbell Enterprise from Calcutta to Canberra 1788-1930 ,Newman, C.E.T. ,
Rathbones of Liverpool 1845-73 ,Marriner, S. ,
Heir of Adventure: The Brown Shipley Story ,Ellis, Aytoun ,
Henry Tate 1819-1899 A Biographical Sketch ,Jones, Tom ,
Salter: The Story of a Family Firm 1760-1960 ,Bache, F.M. ,
The City ,Ferris, Paul ,
The Great Swindle : The Story of the South Sea Bubble ,Cowles, Virginia ,
The Great Swindle : The Story of the South Sea Bubble ,Cowles, Virginia ,
This is United Steel : A General Review of The United Steel Companies Limited , ,
Pilkington Brothers and the Glass Industry ,Barker, T.C. ,
Adventure in Oil: The Story of British Petroleum ,Longhurst, Henry ,
A Century of Metal Broking 1859-1959 ,Harrison, G. ,
BP: Fifty Years in Pictures , ,
Wall Street: The Inside Story of American Finance ,Mayer, Martin ,
A Saga of British Industry: The Story of the British Plaster Board Group ,Routley, John ,
The Story of Evans Medical 1809 - 1959 , ,
The Merchants of Life : An Account of the American Pharmaceutical Industry ,Mahony, Tom ,
Jamsetji Nusserwanjani Tata: A Chronicle of his Life ,Harris, Frank ,
Baruch : My Own Story ,Baruch, Bernard M. ,
Investor's Progress: From Money Box to Stocks and Shares ,Ellinger, A.G. ,
The Seven Fat Years : Chronicles of Wall Street ,Brooks, John ,
Gold and Paper : A History of the National Bank of Australia ,Blainey, Geoffrey ,
L'Union Des Banques Cantonales Suisses 1907-1957 ,Matter, Albert ,
Thirty Years of Bank Melli Iran (1928-1958) ,Nassiri, Mohammad and Jahanshahi, Abdul Ali ,
Bid For Power ,Bull, George & Vice, anthony ,
Given to Salt : The Struggle for the Dead Sea Concession ,Novomeysky, M.A. ,
Enterprise in Oil: A History of Shell In the United States ,Beaton, K. ,
Billingham -- The First Ten Years ,Parke, Victor .E. ,
Mr. Baruch ,Coit, M. ,
Deloitte and Co.: 1845-1956 ,Kettle, R. ,
A History of the Assam Company 1839-1953 ,Anrobus, H.A. ,
Battersea Works 1856-1956 , ,
The Story of the Forestal ,Hicks, A.H. ,
The Borneo Story: The First Hundred Years of The Borneo Company Limited ,Longhurst, Henry ,
South Pacific Enterprise: The Colonial Sugar Refining Company , ,
No Name on the Door ,Williams, A.H. ,
The Life of Ludwig Mond ,Cohen, J.M. ,
Gateway House ,S.P.B. Mais ,
The New Research Laboratories of Imperial Chemical Industries Dyestuffs Group , ,
Manbre and Garton 1855 - 1955 A Hundred Years of Progess ,Garbutt, J.L. ,
Morro Velho ,Hollowood, B. ,
The Master Millers : The Story of the House of Rank , ,
The Master Millers: The Story of the House of Rank 1875-1955 , ,
Mitsubishi Enterprises ,MERI ,
Leu & Co. 1775-1955: Two Centuries of History in the Life of a Swiss Bank ,Soloveytchik, George ,
Stora Kopparberg : Six Hundred Years of Industrial Enterprise ,Gunnar Olsson and Burnett Anderson ,
The Great Crash ,Galbraith, Kenneth ,
The History of Unilever: A Study in Economic Growth and Social Change ,Wilson, Charles ,
Realms of Silver; One Hundred Years of Banking in the East ,Mackenzie, Compton ,
Through a City Archway: The Story of Allen & Hanburys 1715-1954 ,Chapman-Huston,D., Cripps, E.C. ,
The History of Unilever: A Study in Economic Growth and Social Change ,Wilson, Charles ,
Parrys of Madras : A Story of British Enterprise in India ,Brown, Hilton ,
The House of Were : 1839-1954 , ,
Cazenove & Co., 1785 - 1955 , ,
Glyn's 1753-1953: Six Generations in Lombard Street , ,
History of the Royal Dutch Shell (Five Volumes) ,Gerretson, Dr. F.C. ,
The House of Howard: The Story of and English Firm ,WATSON Rowland ,
The History of Reckitt and Sons ,Reckitt, Basil N. ,
100 Years of Phosphorus Making 1851-1951 ,Threfall, Richard E. ,
London Business Cavalcade ,(Ed.) Howard, A., Newman, E. ,
Herbert H. Dow : Pioneer in Creative Chemistry ,Campbell, Murray & Hatton, Harrison ,
Bush 1851 - 1951 , ,
The Story of Mond Nickel ,Sturney, A.C. ,
A Few Records of an Old Firm: Joseph Travers & Sons, 119 Cannon St. London , ,
A Story of British Achievement 1849-1949 , ,
In Search of Colour ,Shearer, Vernon and Smith, Arthur ,
Enterprise : A Record of the Tennant Group of Companies , ,
John Law : The Life of an Honest Adventurer ,Montgomery Hyde, H. ,
John Law : The Life of an Honest Adventurer ,Montgomery Hyde, H. ,
Hansons of East Cheap 1747-1947: The Story of the House of Samuel Hanson ,Godwin, George ,
The Stock Exchange : its history and how it works : its place in the modern world ,King, W.T.C. ,
The Vital Flame ,Mackenzie, Compton ,
Threescore Years and Ten : A Narrative of the First Seventy Years of Eli Lilly and Company 1876-1946 ,Clark, Roscoe Collins ,
This is Your Company , ,
Through the Mill : The Life of Joseph Rank ,Burnett, R.G. ,
The First Decade of Batanagar ,Baros, Jan ,
The House of Goodyear : A Story of Rubber and of Modern Business ,Allen, Hugh ,
Hambros Bank Ltd., London, 1839 -1939 , ,
Barclays Bank: Dominion Colonial Overseas 1836-1936 , ,
The Westminster Bank Through A Century ,Gregory, T.E. ,
The Nine Magazines of Kodansha ,Noma, Seija ,
National Provincial Bank 1833-1933 ,Wither, Hartley ,
The Bank of England from Within 1694-1900 ,Acres, W. Marston ,
A History of Financial Speculation ,Mottram, R.H. ,
A History of Lloyds: From the founding of Lloyds Coffee House to the Present Day ,Wright, Charles & Fayle, Ernest ,
Plough Court: The Story of a Notable Pharmacy, 1715-1927 ,Cripps, E. ,
Lord Northcliffe: A Study ,Wilson, R.M. ,
Plough Court & Through a City Archway ,Cripps., Ernest & Chapman-Huston, Desmond ,
A Few Records of an Old Firm: Joseph Travers & Sons, 119 Cannon St. London , ,
Centenary of the Alkali Industry 1823-1923 : One Hundred Years of Scientific & Industrial Progress ,Anon. ,
The South Sea Bubble ,Melville, Lewis ,
The Life of Thomas Coutts, Banker ,Coleridge, Ernest Hartley ,
The Romance of the Rothschilds ,Balla, I. ,
The Struggle for Supremacy , ,
Coutts & Co. Bankers ,Richardson, Ralph ,
Chronicles and Characters of the Stock Exchange ,Francis, John ,
East from Brazosport ,Seward, William B. , 0915150018
Silver Dollar : The Story of the Tabors ,Karsner, David , 0517184915
Jardine Matheson & Company: An Historical Sketch C1960 , ,
Water Reflections: A Short history of Four Water Companies ,Fabry, Joelle , 0906782953
The Saga of Saga: 1972-1997 ,N/A , 8275920000
Jebsen and Company Limited, Hong Kong , ,
The Mitsui Bank: A History of the First 100 Years ,N/A ,
Nestle in Profile , ,
The City of London ( 4 Volumes ) ,Kynaston, David ,
Wills of Bristol ,Till, Roger ,


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