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4th June 2020
Title: The Taipans: Hong Kong Merchant Princes
Author: Crisswell, Colin N.
Price: $25.00
Publisher: Oxford
Date Published: 1981
Specifications: Pbk., 250pp., 5.5" x 8.5", 400g.
ISBN: 0195853733
Condition: Fine.
Copies in stock: 1
Category: Trading Companies More books in this category
Book type: General Business
Hindsight ID: 1112
The Taipans: Hong Kong Merchant Princes

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Notes: "An account of Hong Kong's merchant princes from the origins of the first trading houses in eighteenth-century Canton and Macau to the beginnings of the First Word War. The early taipans, hard-headed business men from Britain, The USA, and India, built up immense fortunes from the opium trade. In the 1830s a single company, Jardine & Matheson, controlled one-third of China's foreign trade." This reissue includes an update, looking ahead to the handover of Hong Kong to China in 1997.

Keys: Hong Kong, China, Jardine Matheson, Russel, Dent, Taikoo, Swire, Sassoons

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