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3rd July 2020
Title: The Sassoons
Author: Jackson, Stanley
Price: $45.00
Publisher: Heinemann
Date Published: 1968
Specifications: HC., 304pp., 6.5" x 10", 700g.
ISBN: 434370525
Condition: Very good in dust jacket.
Copies in stock: 1
Category: Trading Companies More books in this category
Company: Sassoon More books about this company
Book type: Biography in Business
Hindsight ID: 1155
The Sassoons

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Notes: The "Rothschilds of the East" began business as financiers in the Ottoman empire centuries ago, but flourished with the rise of Britain's empire, first in India, then further East. At the pinacle of the Victorian era they dined and gamed with Royalty in England. With time the family spawned politicians and poets, and this book goes beyong business biography to serve also as a social history of the Victorian and Edwardian upper crust.

Keys: Sassoon, Traders, Jewish, Far East, Asia

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