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19th September 2017
Title: Against the Gods : The Remarkable Story of Risk
Author: Bernstein, P.L.
Price: £18.00
Publisher: Wiley
Date Published: 1996
Specifications: HC., 383pp., 6.5" x 9.5", 750g.
Condition: Very good in dust jacket.
Copies in stock: 2
Category: Insurance More books in this category
Book type: Investment History
Hindsight ID: 1906
Against the Gods : The Remarkable Story of Risk

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Notes: Examines the history of risk measurement, and the development of risk management or insurance. Demonstrates how this rational process has freed man from superstition and the helplessness of a fatefull attitude and thus provided a secure foundation for business, technical and engineering enterprises -- and also enabled individuals to plan their life and goals.

Keys: Risk, Insurance


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