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19th September 2017
Title: Bid For Power
Author: Bull, George & Vice, anthony
Price: £30.00
Publisher: Elek
Date Published: 1958
Specifications: HC., 238pp., 5.5" x 8.5", 500g.
Condition: Good in dust jacket.
Copies in stock: 3
Category: Finance More books in this category
Book type: Investment History
Hindsight ID: 2315
Bid For Power

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Notes: In this early work of post-war financial journalism, the authors set the task of casting light on the take-over bidder ; his methods, his importance, his personality. This at a time when many saw City life as dull : symbolised by "dreary emblems as bowler hats and pin-striped trousers". On the other hand "free-enterprise" was seen as fair game, the "City Financiers" engaged in take-over bids were fodder for journalists and represented a more lively, if not sinsiter aspect, of the marketplace. In "Bid For Power", a series of bids are examined, showing the mechanics, finance, contest, and objectives. The figures, such as Wolfson and Clore, seen in this book are names now well-associated with the re-emergence of post-war capitalist Britain (the activities covered in this text fall between 1952 and 1958). In fact, their careers carried them further into the 1960s amidst reinvigorated property and financial markets.

Keys: Takeovers, Take-over Bids, Stock Exchange, Isaac Wolfson, Great Universal Stores, GUS, Charles Clore, Sears, Hugh Fraser, Wontner, Savoy, Billmeir, Harold Samuel, City Financier


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