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19th September 2017
Title: Great Bubbles
Author: Ed. Emmett, Ross B.
Price: £295.00
Publisher: Pickering & Chatto
Date Published: 2000
Specifications: HC., 271pp., 252pp., 426pp., 6" x 9.5", 2500g.
ISBN: 9781851965250
Condition: As new.
Copies in stock: 2
Category: Finance More books in this category
Book type: Investment History
Hindsight ID: 2428
Great Bubbles

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Notes: Three volume collection of essays and extracts relating to the three great early market bubbles in Holland, England and France. Includes contemporary material and analysis by Charles Mackay, Simin Sharma, Sandra Sherman, Earl Hamilton, Adam Anderson, Carruthers, Defoe, Swift, Larry Neal. Volume 1: Tulip Mania & John Law, Volume 2: Mississippi Scheme & Exchange Alley, Volume 3: South Sea Bubble.

Keys: Bubbles, Stock Market, Investment, Cycles, Credit, Tulips, South Sea, Mississippi, John Law


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