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19th September 2017
Title: Battersea Works 1856-1956
Price: £15.00
Date Published: 1956
Specifications: HC, 67 pp., 37 illustrations, 7.5" x 10", 400g.
Condition: Good in dust jacket.
Copies in stock: 3
Category: Chemical and Household Products More books in this category
Company: Morgan Crucible More books about this company
Book type: Company History
Hindsight ID: 432
Battersea Works 1856-1956

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Notes: Began as a trading firm run by the five Morgan brothers Then taking a process for producing a superior crucilbe for metal processing acquired from Joseph Dixon of Jersey City, developed an international buisness as a technically sophisticated maker of ceramic and carbon products. In the early days the company took the name of the Paten Plumbago Crucible Company ( known as' the Plum' around Battersea) before taking its modern name and then becoming a public company in 1890.

Keys: Morgan Crucible, Battersea, London, Plumbago, Carbon, Cermaics


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