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6th June 2020
Title: The House of Dodwell: A Century of Achievement 1858-1958
Author: Warde, Edmund (Editor)
Price: $125.00
Publisher: Dodwell
Date Published: 1958
Specifications: HC, 159pp., 12 plates, 7" x 9", 600g.
Condition: Half leather binding with maroon cloth covers. Gold lettering on red label. Suitable for presentation.
Copies in stock: 1
Category: Trading Companies More books in this category
Company: Dodwell More books about this company
Book type: Company History
Hindsight ID: 486
The House of Dodwell: A Century of Achievement 1858-1958

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Notes: Founded as a Merchant house in 1891 although roots lie in earlier period of silk and tea trading in China. Active in Shanghai from the earliest days. Trade activites stretched as far as shipping old and apparently much sought after horseshoes from Glasgow to the Chinese city for beating into plough shares. It could be said that Dodwell played a role in Shanghai's foundation - it shipped the Oregon Pines used in the construction of buildings such as Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking's Head Office " The pines wer obtained by Dodwell's Seattle office... they were thrown overboard on arrival, chained to a raft, towed up to the Bund by night and then manhandled to the sites. As Piles they were drive about ten feet apart to tighten up the semi-solid subsoil on which a concret raft was buildas the foundation of each building". This book also has useful advice for 'griffens' ( newcomers to the Far East) handling suspect dollars which " had been expertly sawn right though themilled edge, the silver in the centre gouged out, replaced by lead and even more skillfully joined together, milled edge to milled edge in an absolutely undetetable manner. The Only way to checkthese duds was to balance one on the tip of a finger and tap it with another, the clear ting of silver contrasting with the dull thud of lead."

Keys: Dodwell, Hong, China, Shanghai, Merchant

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