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19th September 2017

Hindsight Publications

Since 2001 Hindsight Books Ltd. has been reprinting books of particular interest to investors and students of investment history. These are printed on quality paper with sewn bindings in soft covers.

Hindsight Publications

Titles released so far comprise:

City Men and City Manners The City, or The Physiology of London Business with Sketches on 'Change and at the Coffee Houses by David Morier Evans first published in 1845. ISBN 0954156749

Chronicles and Characters of the Stock Exchange by John Francis first published in 1849. ISBN 0954156706

The Great Swindle : The Story of The South Sea Bubble by Virginia Cowles first published in 1960. Contains a new introduction by Dr. Marc Faber. ISBN 0954156714

The Secondary Banking Crisis, 1973-75: The Inside Story of Britain's Biggest Banking Upheaval by Margaret Reid. First published 1982. Contains a new introduction by David Kynaston. ISBN 0954156722

Leather boundFrom Forum to Futures : 2000 Years of Britain's Commodity Markets by David Courtney. First published 1991. ISBN 0954156730

Leather bound copies in slip cases, prepared by Bristol Bound, can also be supplied.

Hindsight Book Store

In addition to our own publications, Hindsight also maintains a catalogue of used and out-of-print books that includes titles in the field of Business, Corporate and Investment history available from our book store. For more information about collecting Company Histories see Lists and Bibliographies and about the field in general see Recommended Links.

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